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Rates from $70-$142* per month depending on plan you pick and where you live, your age and medical history.

Low Deductibles, Office vistis co-payments, and a small Dental and Vision plan included!

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Your information is ABSOLUTELY kept private and is not sold or shared to anyone!!

You're young.  You're healthy.  But hey, life is unpredictable.  All it takes is one slip, one fall, one biff and the financial pain can outweigh the physical.  Whether you are laid out on the snow, sand,or grass, you're going to wish you were covered.

What Could Cost You
No Health Coverage
With Tonik Coverage (in-network)
Average cost of a day in the hospital
$1,500 with the Calculated Risk Taker Plan
Knee Surgery and Care
$3,000 with the Part-Time Daredevil Plan
Burst appendix (ouch)
$5,000 with the Thrill Seeker Plan
Auto Accident
$1,500 with the Calculated Risk Taker Plan

The Bottom Line.
You know you need insurance.  I'm here to make it easy for you to find a plan that best fits you lifestyle.  And you don't have to pay for my services.  Tonik is fast and it's all online.  So please fill out my form and I'll email you a personalized quote with all three plans.

*rates are subject to change.

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