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Individual and Family Health Plans
Our PPO Share plans offer an ideal balance between affordable costs and comprehensive benefits.  You'll be able to choose from five levels of medical deductibles.  If you're planning a family, have school-age children, or just want great all around coverage, these plans may be just right for you.
If you aren't planning a family ( or to have more children), why pay for benefits you may not want, like maternity?  These popular plans give you a variety of choices and rich benefit levels--and affordable monthly premiums.  The RightPlan 40 Plan features immediate no-medical deductible benefits and three prescription drug options.  The 3500 HSA compatible plans offer simple comprehensive coverage--just meet your deductible and you pay $0 for most covered services.  Very low premiums too!
Consider the Basic PPO and PPO Saver plans if you're looking for low monthly premiums and the security of basic coverage (without maternity coverage.)  These plans include benefits for hospitalization and emergency services, and you're covered for additional services after you meed the annual deductible/ annual out-of-pocket maximum.  The no-frills features help keep your monthly premiums low - and the PPO Saver adds benefits for precription drugs and doctors' office visits.
Our three comprehensive HMO choices offer you predictable health care costs coupled with valuable benefits.  These plans are ideal for couples planning a family, families with young children, and those wanting the simplicity of an HMO.  Our Select HMO Plan features its own provider network in 22 California counties.

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